I have been drawing ever since I can remember.

My school books was mostly filled up with strange creatures, dragons and sword wielding heroes, more than notes and school stuff. When most of my friends quit drawing around the age of ten, I just continued….and never stopped.

After high school I was lucky enough to join the Animation Workshop, a 1½ year animation training program, which lead to a 7 year journey in the animation business. I remember the great feeling , when I entered animation class, of not being the best anymore at drawing, because that was when I started to learn for real. With animation I was able to work in different countries such as Canada, France and Germany. I learned so much in that period, and it was really fun and hard work. But in the back of my mind I had always wanted to become an illustrator instead, so eventually I quit animation and started working as a freelance illustrator.

And have done so ever since…

I work in two different styles, the “line and color” style and the “painted” style. The line and color style is mostly used for illustrations inside books, as it is a faster method of working, and I can make a relatively higher number of drawings as compared to the slower painting style.

The painting style I use for book and game covers, which usually calls for a more artistic work over.

It is a must for me to be faith full to deadlines, as I know a lot of peoples time is on stake.  I have never missed a deadline since I started in 2008, and is dedicated to continue that way.

Hope you enjoy!

Rasmus Jensen